How to a resume

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School years and cheerful student time are finite in time and space. Sooner or later have to get a job. At the same time, much depends on how well the debut will be played a summary has been compiled. Translated from the French word “summary” means a brief summary. Making a good, competent resume is the first step to finding an interesting job. After all, a resume this is your detailed business card, a great way to attract the attention of the employer. The main task of any resume is to receive an invitation for an interview. Resume writing is an exact science, and its rules are as firm as the law of aggression. When looking at a resume from a personnel manager, the first thirty seconds are decisive a piece of paper is either thrown into the urn or a detailed examination of it follows. Therefore, the summary should be short, clear and memorable. Ideal option should not exceed 1-2 pages.

Required summary items: Personal data (name, age, address, marital status, contact numbers, e-mail address); Purpose (what kind of job you are applying for); Education (basic education, as well as courses, trainings that you attended). You should not write: information about the end of high school, as its graduation is implied.  Work experience (this section describes your work activity). It is necessary to list the places of employment, starting with the last one. Be sure to specify the date (month, year of commencement of work month, year of completion), position, company name and the scope of its activities. It would be helpful to include information about your job duties and specific accomplishments.  Extra skills. This knowledge of foreign languages and computer programs, the presence of a driver’s license, etc. And also some skills that are specific to this profession. Interests Hobbies This item will give your resume a personality. Take it as seriously as possible. Hobbies not the main part of the resume, so do not strive to list all their hobbies. In the first place it is better to write about hobbies that have at least some relation to work. A few general guidelines for resumes:

The resume should be easy to read. Therefore, use the standard Arial or Times New Roman, rather than exotic character fonts. Clearly highlight headlines; Indent after each paragraph; Do not overload the resume with decorative details: vignettes, frames, multi-style fonts; It is desirable to make the borders of the fields even, that is, to format the text “in width”; Do not forget about grammar! Just one mistake can ruin the resume. So, the first step to finding a job is done. Competently written summary sent. It will be read and, quite likely, will be invited to further conversation. And there everything depends on you! Prepared the Media Center “Applicant”.