How to ist references on resume

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To increase your chances of being invited to an interview, use secondary channels: find friends in the company, write in a cover letter why you are suitable for this position. Sharpen your resume for this particular position: remove irrelevant experience and expand more relevant. Saw a small project in GitHub with a similar theme. The size. Usually, the junior experience can easily fit into 1.5 pages: only there should not be a list of technologies, but a coherent text of what you did. Any signorian has 3 pages: focus on the last five years and a short list of what they have been doing for a long time. More than 5 pages is a bust. The other extreme, which no one likes, is simply a list of technologies without specifying what exactly you did with them, in which team, on which project, etc.

Registration. In summary, all information should be clearly structured and clearly understood. Use headings and indents between paragraphs. Usually, the primary screening is carried out by managers and the resume will go to the basket if they cannot find the main thing. Experience should be specified in reverse order. The description should make it clear what you were doing on the project. I personally find it interesting to read: A brief description of the project, for example: “The messaging system for the bank.” List of technologies. Methodologies (Scrum, TDD, BDD etc). A list of achievements, for example: “On my initiative, the service was moved to the cloud, which radically improved the system scaling and made the update without downtime.”

A brief description of exactly what you were doing on the project, for example: “I started from middle, rose to signor, wrote code, was engaged in database optimization”. As for the list of achievements, this is not very accepted in Ukraine. For a resume in a Western company, this item is required. It is important to show that you are taking the initiative, are engaged in self-development, strive to help the business with ideas and their implementation. Optionally, you can specify the reasons for leaving. Of course, without employer charges. For example: “I went to a more interesting project for new knowledge, as I reached the glass ceiling in the previous ones”. Here it is sometimes important not to praise your craving for beauty, so that you will not be considered overqualified. Again, look at the traditions of the country. If you specify personal qualities, be ready to answer the question of what exactly your involvement, hardworking, etc.

A photo. I think not. But again, if you sharpen a resume for some culture, find out its rules of the game. I heard that the Germans in the resume decided to have a photo in a business style. Transmittal letter. In Ukraine, I do not remember anyone writing cover letters. The introversion of society in general and IT specialists in particular is having an effect. In Europe, they write write. A cover letter is an opportunity to stand out. It is guaranteed to be read, and you can shove something in there that you cannot write in the resume itself. Advice to beginners. Show that you do not care. Specify GitHub with pet projects, make this the most cover letter. Can a LinkedIn link be a substitute for a resume? Not. It looks like “I am too lazy to prepare a resume in the accepted format, so go print on the left site with a bunch of banners in the appendage.” Perhaps this will not be the decisive factor, but why do you even need a small minus?