How to make a resume on word

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How to make a good resume instructions for successful employment on a rotational basis. Most people faced the problem of losing their jobs. And then the question arose with the search for a new place of work. Modern employers prefer to consider their resumes as the first step in selecting candidates, and then, on the basis of the resume, invite them to a personal meeting or interview. Therefore, a well-written resume will help you take a decent position. You should not neglect the rules of drawing up a good resume and treat it carelessly, because the resume is your business card in front of your employer.

Resume for job placement on a rotational basis First, a resume should reflect your strengths, it should highlight your professional skills, which will increase your chances when looking for a job. Secondly, make a resume correctly! Pay attention to the absence of grammatical errors, various typos, so that you do not have to “blush” before future guidance. Third, try to keep up with the volume of 1 or 2 pages, do not overload the resume with superfluous information. Describe more extensive your experience. Use adequate font and letter size.

And now consider the points that must be present in a decent summary: specify the full surname, name and patronymic; the position for which you are applying; contact details: telephone, e-mail, city (the exact address can be missed); age (full date is allowed not to write); Marital status is married not married, children at will; your education (higher, not completed higher, secondary, secondary technical). Specify what school you graduated for, in what specialty. If you have attended any courses, then mark this. experience. Usually they begin to indicate from the last job, the number of years, positions held, functions performed. Employers pay close attention to this item. indicate your professional skills and personal qualities; expected salary level;

The summary can be in the form of a table with rows and columns, or in the form of text. To summarize: when drafting your resume, do not use the standard memorized phrases “responsibility, sociability thus you will merge with the general mass of candidates, try to emphasize your advantages and professional achievements, and then luck will be on your side!