What does a resume look like

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Do not specify extra and irrelevant information. For example, personal data: growth, political and religious worldview, marital status, hobbies, bad habits. This information does not add anything of value to a candidate’s profile from a professional point of view. But it can play a minus, if the recruiter has some personal cockroaches do not take married women without children (all of a sudden they leave on maternity leave!) Or do not take smokers (will run too often for breaks!).

The size. 2 pages so that it fits on one sheet of A4 on both sides. If it turns out more, discard the currently irrelevant skills and irrelevant work experience for example, experience as a sysadmin, if you are positioning yourself as a mobile developer. Registration. I recommend using this template. First, enter your first name, last name, telephone, mail, skype or other means of electronic communication. Next the areas of your technical expertise, what you are strong in and what you would like to do. For example: The most important skills should be in this cap. Next comes the job summary specify a list of jobs, projects in reverse chronological order. Describe what did you do, what technologies were used. For example: October 2015 January 2017 Saber Holdings. Hotel and rented car bookings. Achievements: International Standard Forwarding (TFR) http://www.ophone.org/template.php/popf.aspar.pdf

Participation in the development of TPE (Travel Policy Engine) service for validation of travel rules. Developed core components of eHotels high volume transaction processing system, used for hotel booking and shopping worldwide. Technology: Java, J2SE 1.6, Hibernate 3.2, Camel, Spring, JAXB, JIBX, JBOSS, Oracle 10g, Linux, Solaris. Personal qualities can be listed, but this is optional. If you post a resume on a foreign site, for example, Monster.com, which is a large database, you can use a trick called “keyword spamming”. The search engine sorts resumes by specific keywords, and those CVs in which there are more of these words go up in the search results. So feel free to add more keywords. For example, if you are an Oracle specialist, then the word “Oracle” should appear in each project description at least once or twice.

A photo. It is not necessary if this is not a resume for the work of a photo model or secretary-receptionist, where a presentable appearance is one of the main requirements. If you really want to, you can insert a link on LinkedIn in your resume, where there is a photo. Advice to beginners. Write as experience some non-profit student and personal projects, participation in Open Source.