What font to use for resume

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During recruitment, I try to answer the following questions: What does a person know (theoretically and practically)? How is her profile consistent with what we are looking for? Will personal characteristics of the candidate successfully integrate into the team and give the result? Size. Preferable to 6 pages, but in principle not critical. It’s important for me to see what a person was doing on the project, not just a list of dates and a list of technologies. The number of pages is secondary. Irrelevant or very old experience I just spill. Design. Write the contact details at the beginning: name, surname, phone, Skype. Next, simply indicate which position you are applying for. By painting the work experience, you can use a typical template: period; team size; your role; what did you do on the project; which technologies have been used.

As for the description of personal qualities, I have not seen that this section was designed so that it was worth the attention. However, for the Senior level, I already expect self-organization and the ability to lead. Remember this in the description of the project. For example: “In time, he completed the sprints, he was subordinate to two Trainee, who brought up the Middle level.” Do not use Comic Sans;) The font should read normally, ie be larger than the 8th size and look normal after printing.

Photo It is better not to add a photo so as not to create any bias even before the interview. If you add, then select a neutral business photo. A photo where you are drunk at a corporation, or a photo parachute jump will not add you any points. Cover Letter. This is not a matter of principle. Usually they do not know how to write, and they can not even read more. The cover letter is likely to get lost in the recruiter and will not get to the people who make decisions. However, if this is your dream job, working abroad, a small startup, then such a letter can increase your chances of getting on the interview. Write who you are, why you come up with a job. Avoid overly template phrases.

It’s best to place a mini version of the cover letter directly in the summary on the first page. Write 2-3 paragraphs about who you are and why you come up with a vacancy. Thus, the one who makes the final decision is guaranteed to read it. And in general it creates an impression of professionalism. A tip for beginners. A newbie usually has no professional experience. I must see that he has an interest in the profession and his eyes burn. Specify some simple but own projects, GitHub-activity, internship. I’m not interested in biking and photography, it’s more distracting. If you remember, remember professional interests. The last beginner I was hiring was very green, I did not know many basic things. But he wrote and published a simple game on the Google Play Market. Can a link to LinkedIn be a replacement for a resume? Absolutely not. First of all, I have not seen people who have filled in their profile in LinkedIn enough in detail. Secondly, those generated summaries are just awful. Third, it shows to me that a person is not interested in vacancies.